Your Dose of Motivation


Your Dose of Motivation brings forth 18 stories of different people from different walks of life, with all of them sharing their personal stories with us. Whether it’s a lifelong problem they have endured, family problems, health problems, career dilemmas, challenges with starting a business—you name it and it’s there. In the stories that they’ve shared with us, they tell us what they’ve gone through and how they’ve overcome it, or how they’ve learned to live with it. Along the way, they help us all find the light at the end of our own tunnels and be inspired to push through and get motivated.

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I am excited to announce the launch of #YourDoseOfMotivation a powerful book that I have co-authored with 17 other amazing authors from around the world in partnership with @expertsmarket and Oyster Publishing. Every author has a unique and personal story that I believe will resonate with a situation in your life or environment during these extraordinary times. For me, this book was about ‘Sharing a Personal Story that could add a light of EMPOWERMENT into your days’ I hope you will get a copy of the book from Amazon and a physical version!  


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