Women Who Inspire



“In her shoes….umm…or shall i say, in her Slippers?”

That’s the title of my chapter, a phase in my life where i encountered a detrimental shift that started off as a step out of my career and ended as a journey through myself & into my self…

I had the privilege of joining 26 inspiring women from 7 countries around the globe to share, with every other woman out there, a glimpse of inspiration, passion and truth…

My second co-authored book, and the third addition to what i call “bits of my self reflected through letters”…

All three books couldn’t have possibly seen the light without the support of a woman i am honored to have not only worked with, but also connected to, a savvy Palestinian at heart, a fierce beam of passion & light, an amazing role model to many women, & most importantly a GREAT HUMAN @saanaazzam
Thank u for being you!

and thanks to @menaspeakers for all the hard work!

Thank you @nourbooks for making my publishing journey super smooth every single time!

And our next collaboration will hopefully be: a solo book from my journey!


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