When I’m Possible


جديد إصدارات نور للنشر قصة “!When I’m Possible” تأليف اللبنانية المتميزة: مايا طاهر الرسوم الرائعة للفنّانة: هيفاء عبد الحسين في جناح #نور_للنشر في #معرض_الشارقة_الدولي_للكتاب 2020

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My second published book yet my first inspirational one targeting children: “When I’m Possible” This book is inspired by my personal experience with bullying as a child. So I molded a part of my narrated childhood story, together with my today’s outcome & knowledge on how to overcome such traumatizing adversity! My intention from writing this book is to endorse a new perception into children’s minds on what is possible, and that everything they ever need, is within them NOW!”


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