Acquire strategic thought processes

To unleash
your inner stamina


Have you ever asked yourself what drives people in life?
 Do you find yourself questioning your purpose? 

At CHALLENGE TO CHANGE, you'll learn the answers to these questions and so much more! Referring to Tony Robbins techniques and transformative strategies, and including the great NLP's efficient practices and tools, this world-class workshop is designed in a way to make people achieve the lives they previously only dreamed were possible! 

Participants go on an exceptional 3 days journey (can be tailor compressed to 2 full 12 hrs days) that would help them:

  • find the answers
  • provides them with tools to reshape their path
  • design the outcome that they truly want!

Whether it is fulfillment, more joy, more direction, more resilience, or more confidence you are seeking, then CHALLENGE TO CHANGE is the right decision for you

You'll start by gaining an understanding on why you do what you do, while unleashing the core exceptional values and hidden motivations that shape how u think, behave and feel! You'll identify the triggers that create pain and pleasure in your life and learn the strategies to transform your pain to pleasure and challenge to opportunity! 

This experience is filled with dynamic life changing methodologies, where the team would get together through group discussions, fun, mind exercises, team building games, personal planning, commitments and probably some tears! It includes our signature "mirror" challenge that will lead to personal, life lasting, breakthroughs!