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21 January 2020

If you think you are lost... this is for you!

If you think you are lost...well...this is for you!

"What do i do now, i feel my life is empty"

"Is this thing that i am doing now, truly is my passion or am i wasting my time?"

"How come everyone around me seems like they know what they are doing except for me?"

"I can't seem to think right anymore, for everything i think is proven to be wrong later on"

Wll baby...if that's how u think u sound...well let me tell you...you are not lost..you're just overwhelmed...or in other words...you haven't found what you want YET...and notice with me here when i say YET...know why? Coz if you were truly lost...you wouldn't have noticed...you wouldn't have been aware...coz lost people are LOST! They donot wonder..they do not think of multiple solutions as you do (yeah i sit in your head) and they wouldn't even click on this blog to read! Coz they ARE LOST!!!
Now on the other hand, you being overwhelmed means one of the following:

1. You either have so many productive thoughts, you don't know from where to start!

2. You are too busy focusing on what other people are doing rather than investing your time on really focusing on what YOU WANT.

3. You don't know what you want YET, but you havent allowed yourself yet to indulge in many experiences so as to discover what are the things that you DON'T WANT in life!

See, for a person to know what they want, a path towards trying and experiencing and experimenting with everything YOU THINK YOU WANT;HOWEVER, YOU ARE NOT SURE ENOUGH YET, is a great begining! 

Our problem is we fear trying...
"Coz what if we failed"!!!!
"Then what would people say about me!"
"Why is it important to you what they say about you??"
"Coz i'll feel shameful!"
"Not being enough!"
"But you are ENOUGH my special one and enough is enough with such self sabotaging thoughts that aren't only preventing you from enjoying a variety of experience, but also making you stuck in your own head!!!"

You are not lost...you are just overwhelmed with unorganized thoughts!!! Yes!!!! And we are going to fix this NOW!

In order to change this start by doing the following:

1. Write down every idea you carry within no matter how small or silly you think it is on a piece of paper. Watch those thoughts without judging them! 

2. Ask yourself, what would it cost you down the line not experiencing and trying them? How would your life be 5 years from now if you didnt take a step towards the thoughts u think could lead to your destiny.

3. Ask yourself what prevented you from implementing them?

4. Circle from this list that you just wrote, the top 3 ideas or thoughts are you going to start by trying and exploring this week.

5. Trust yourself...believe that you can coz you can! There are no losses in life, just lessons!

Our biggest trap is trying to see what others are doing and copy them, for by doing so we are blocking our genius from prevailing! We have all fallen victim of this at some time, and i was one of them, but only when u choose to awaken and open up to God's gifts within you that u will start to truly shine!

So keep trying, until u find your true passion! Not everyone is privileged to find their true identity from the very first trial! But u surely will with constant never ending tries! 

P.S I Love you!

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