1 June 2020

Highlights from my live with Simon Alexander Ong

1. There is a huge difference between 'INTERESTED' and 'COMMITTED'!
 'Interested' is random & intangible, 'committed' is planned & executed!
 2. 3 questions I asked myself when things shifted:
 A. What is success going to be like for me?
 B. What is fulfillment?
 C. What impact am I going to have on things & people around me?
 3. To SUCCEED, DESIGN an environment that would make it impossible for you not to succeed!
 4. In a relationship, the success of the individual is equal to the success of the team & communication is key!
 5. Whatever happens, remember that how you respond determines the outcome!
 6. 3 steps to emotional resilience:
 1- Get clear on your GOAL & the WHY behind it!
 2- Be attached to now outcome & open to everything!
 3- Focus on creating a system & the system is around the non-negotiables!
 A. Your health
 B. Embracing adaptability through environmental energy (what you learn, the people you connect with, diversity of environmental resources)
 C. Meditation & gratefulness
 D. Quality of time with friends & family 

To face diversity: List out what's in your control & what's not, & focus on what you CAN control!

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