6 November 2019

4 APPROACHES to navigate from what is Undesired to what is Desired!

So...a lot of people (including me) seem to be in constant battles of navigating through what is (undesired), and creating the best bridge possible towards what is desired, so if you've been struggling with losing weight, quitting a bad habit, paying off your debts, creating a passionate love affair with your partner or spouse, (which i assume you are since you're reading this), and you've probably tried many failed attempts previously in achieving it,or  maybe you've succeeded once or twice in some tasks yet failed in other more major ones, well this article is surely your solution!

The more the addiction & crave towards the unwanted, or undesired, the more the probability of an intense resistance through your uncioncious mind that is thrilled at the idea of change & wants to stay residing in the comfortable zone of the known, so you might find yourself asking the big question:  "why??" "Why isn't this working for me?" "Why am i failing?"
" Why am i not being able to create the change that i want?"
"What is stopping me when i KNOW what it takes?"
" Why do i feel so weak? Why am i incapable?"
And the list goes on and on...

Well, if that's you, cheer up! Coz i've summed up the solution in clear 7 steps that you could take starting NOW to create a lasting change! For i have gone through many researches, self exploration, studies, trials and errors, to finally come to a conclusion on what creates a solid lasting desired change!!!
Alright now, lets get started!!!

Intensify the Pain!
So, i want you first to grab a pen and a paper and write down all the pain associated to your conflict so that you must make change NOW!
E.g when i over eat, i feel disgusted, i feel like a looser, my mood drops and my anxieties peak! I feel like a failure who couldnt overcome the temptation of the moment! Like i am unworthy of love, like i am not determined for success, like my saggy looking skin and cottage looking thighs are what i will remain with forever! I will grow to be heavy and dull! Cant think right, can't move around freely and vibrantly! My energy levels are dropping even more! I will not be anle to go to places i want, i wont be able to play with my grandkids as i age! (Intensify the pain as much as you can)

2. Take action NOW!
As you peak the pain associated to your conflict, i want you to start writing down solutions as to what can be done to eliminate the pain!
E.g (i will choose food that will nourish my body and mind, that will make me feel great afterwards! That will give me energy rather than drain my energy) 

Create a belief that causes constant internal & external conflict.
E.g continue to say to yourself "you will always be weak and fat! You are a failure, you will never be able to change this for the rest of your life"

Create tremendous pressure by intensifying the pain, but eliminate this pressure through a new positive addiction that distracts you or gives you immediate pleasure (trade your addictions with useful one)
E.g if you're addicted to eating harmful food when you are bored, switch to occupy the mind with great emotions instead through reading something you enjoy, watching a motivational video, going for a walk, deep breathing through meditation, Grazing on healthy filling snacks, journaling your emotions, listening to music etc)

Approach 4
Stop trying to solve your conflict but instead create something new to replace it with!
Chage the story you tell yourself about it in your head. Create a new identity around it where this problem isnt part of it! And stay consistent in your identity!
E.g tell yourself i am not that into food! I eat only to stay healthy and alive! Hunger doesnt determine my choices! I only eat what fuels my body and mind! I am a very strong person and it is easy for me to handle myself especially when i dont get what i want! 

And remember consistency is key! Keep repeating the above approaches every single day until your new identity matches your lifestyle! 

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